a few words about the skouries area in chalkidiki (english version)

English translation  of the brochure “λίγα λόγια για τις Σκουριές Χαλκιδικής” from the comrades of resistra.

“N.E Chalkidiki may seem very far away. Too far away from us to have a direct understanding of the struggle waged by local people against the creation of an open goldmine in the area. Too far to be clearly manifested that this struggle encapsulates social resistances which strike at the heart of sovereignty – and it gets stricken for that. Perhaps, even further away for us to shape a strong movement of assistance and solidarity in this struggle. Yet N.E Chalkidiki can be located so close to us, as does every human on this planet who defends the natural environment in which s/he lives, who is opposed to the orders of voracious capitalistic development, who ultimately gives a struggle for her/his own freedom and dignity.

The long-lasting resistance coming from the villages Ierissos and Megali Panagia, against the creation of an open goldmine in their  home, comes to succeed other older, dynamic and even winning struggles in the region, against similar plans. However, the current crisis of the capitalist system, which is portrayed in this case as a financial crisis sweeping society and creating conditions of exemption, constitutes for the state a convenient ground for blackmailing in order to completely impose a brutal neoliberalism. What is at stake in Skouries is not just a matter of  “environmental sensitivity” towards “growth vision.” What is at stake in Skouries is the doctrine that will define our lives in the near future…”

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Many thanks to resistra!